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Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software

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Main Customer-Facing Features and Benefits:

  • User-friendly wagering interface.
  • 24/7 Internet betting and call center service.
  • Large betting menu. We book all sports including soccer, tennis, cricket, motor racing, boxing, and entertainment and political props.
  • Players may choose what language and time zone the wagering interface is displayed in.
  • We offer all types of bets including straight bet, parlay, round robin, if bet, teasers, futures, live betting and more!
  • Mobile-ready sports betting software.
  • View pending wagers, and account histories conveniently online.
  • Live betting on major sporting events.
  • Fast grading of all events.

Main Agent-Facing Features and Benefits:

  • Multilingual, experienced agent and customer support staff.
  • See your player’s betting activity in real time with our Bet Ticker!
  • If you decide to use one of our websites, you will have more than one website design to choose from. If desired you may have a group of players log in at a different website.
  • Group your players into sub agent categories.
  • Agent support is available 24 hours a day. Need to delete or call-in a late play? No problem, we can help.
  • All our wagering calls are tape-recorded.
  • Conveniently manage your players’ accounts online (credit lines, payments, etc).
  • Private message configuration for players.
  • Set custom limits per sport, per agent, or per type of wager.
  • Enable or restrict a particular sport or type of wager.
  • You determine the line type and payoff odds to be used (juice, etc).
  • Gain instant access to IP/player information.
  • Option to request your own custom website design, or custom betting interface.

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