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Our reporting service is definitely a useful, complete, user friendly, practical and functional toolbox. We developed it to approach the price per head market; it has been designed exclusively and especially for credit, per head agents. In order to make things easier for you, some of the functions that we offer are simply unique, but you have to see them yourself.

By having these tools on your side you will have more flexibility, time, and speed. You can check things as they happen, make decisions, and be on top of your game.

Other people ask their clients not to check reports during certain times, like rush hours for example, they do this because they don’t feel secure about their bandwidth and their servers. That is not the case here, you are always welcome to check your reports, since we have more than what we need in order to prevent and to serve better.

Our reports will improve and increase your business potential and profit, after using them, they will change the way you perceive your business.

With our reports you can check your pending plays and see what team do you need, decrease an increase wager and credit limits, change passwords, run reports, and have access to other valuable features. Why keep on waiting then? Call us toll free to 888-774-2238 and get started today!


Define login credentials, and fund your account.


Define detailed player limits and settings.


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