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House Policies

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  • We are not responsible for any players' account balance; we provide a solid and strong sfotware platform service. We are professional and responsible on our end of the deal, and expect the same from our clientele. Our reputation is priority number one.
  • Any wager that is submitted once a game is in progress, or has been entered trying to take advantage of any obvious mistake, will be deleted.
  • We commit ourselves to maintain all your information private and secure.
  • No wagers will be deleted unless we receive the MasterAgent's approval.
  • Members are responsible for monetary transactions between themselves and the players.
  • Management has the right to change, deny or limit wagers, and also delete any bets where there’s a transfer data error or a human error.
  • Players making any wagers, must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Please be careful with your Pin Number, your agent account and your passwords. We recommend only one account per person, in order to avoid uncomfortable situations and discrepancies. If you ever lose your information, contact us immediately, and measures to help you will be taken.
  • Please read your wager confirmation screens carefully, and only hit submit once you are sure of the wager to be entered.
  • We require a ticket number for all discrepancies on wagers made online; remember you are responsible for your online wagers.
  • Every single conversation is recorded in our call center in case of discrepancies between any parts involved, all parties agree to make a decision based on what was said, and recorded.
  • Please always give your account number and password at the beginning of any call. In order to prevent mistakes happening, also repeat your pin number and password after a readback is given once you have placed wagers over the telephone with one of our friendly operators.
  • An agent code can be change if necessary, for further details contact us.
  • We are open 24-7, 365 days a year.
  • Our 1-800 numbers are totally free please do not hesitate to call us if any concerns, suggestions or questions about our call center and our solutions for agents.

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